Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do you hate spam in you email?

Everyone hates it when they log into their email to find six hundred unread messages. ninety nine percent of the time its mostly spam messages. And then you have to sift through all the junk to find the important messages. But i have a simple little tip to fix the problem. When you go into your inbox that is flooded with junk mail, go into one of the messages. scroll down to the bottom and look for a part of the message reading something like "click here to unsubscribe from receiving notifications". The picture on top of the post shows you an example. By clicking something like that will remove you from the senders mailing list. But the down side is that you have to do the same thing for all the places sending you spam. But it pays off to have a clean inbox and not have "32542 unread messages" popping up all the time. I cant believe it took me so long to figure out this very simple way to get rid of the spam in my email. But another way to stop it is read a little closer when signing up for websites. I know its tempting to just click right through it leaving all of the check boxes marked, but that's what they want you to do. I hope that all of you reading this found this helpful.

until next time,
The angry teen

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something better then the iPad?

Rumors are that HP has something in the works called the " Hurricane ". It is a webOS-based tablet device. which makes it a great contender to the apple iPad. The iPad has many limitations and compatibility issues. A few reasons why people think that the Hurricane will crush the iPad are. That it will support adobe flash player software, and also have usb ports built in. Making it a lot easier for business professionals to transfer data using usb thumb drives. And also being able to use the usb ports to charge and transfer data from other electronics you may have. Another reason why HP is expected to tower over apple is that HP is one, if not the largest computer provider in the world. Making it easier to put them on the shelves, a task apple has not been too savvy with lately. The HP hurricane is expected to be out by quarter 3 of this year. So its most defiantly going to be a one of the most popular holiday items this year.

,the angry teen

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last night i was lurking around the internet a lot. When i was looking through the threads on i found a thread about I was curious and bored so i checked it out, it is a fun game resembling 20Q's. But what you do is think of character off of pretty much anything and answer the questions about your character. Its pretty simple if it cant guess your character then you win. But that is easier said then done, my first try was tyler durden off of the almighty movie that i would recommend a thousand times over to see, if you haven't already fight club. I lost after a pathetic 15 questions. So after that I tried something a lot tougher, a porn star named Sasha Grey, and ounce again the genie had beat me. Give it a try it is a great time killer.

until next time,
the angry teen

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello world i know that i have not been posting at all. I guess i have some commitment issues to work out. But i plan on posting a few times a week from here on out. With that being said id like to tell you about GSProductions or ( geist schindall productions ). Its mine and my friends film "companie". It is in its very early stages, all we really have done is test visual effects shots. But me and my friend steven are hoping to start cranking out some very cool short films. we have the talent, but we just do not have the funds to do much. we are in need of a good camera and some props ect. please check out our youtube channel, and dont forget to subscribe =]


until next time,
the angry teen

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I never want children...

i got woke up by a screaming baby this morning, if that wasn't shitty enough my head was throbbing in pain because my pillow sucked. and im not even a morning person before i dropped out of school i ripped peoples heads off in the morning. argh... life sucks

got any opinions or stories feel free to post

thanks =]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello world!

this is a site that will have a variety of interesting subjects, news, reviews, and opinions. it is under construction as of now.